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Eplus3D launches a new four-laser 3D printer for 3D printing from metal powders

Eplus3D has announced the launch of a new metal 3D printer equipped with four lasers – the EP-M400. The new machine is designed for higher productivity and faster and more profitable industrial production. It is available in configurations with one, two or four lasers.

EP-M400 has a standard working chamber with dimensions of 405 x 405 x 450 mm. The company ensures that it is able to guarantee a high standard and consistency of parts operation while achieving high production efficiency. The 3D printer can work with nickel-based alloys, tool steels, die steels, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, copper alloys and more. The system also uses an open format, which the company says allows customers to customize and adjust the parameters of the 3D prints to develop an “individual package of application parameters”.

The company says the EP-M400 is tailored to the needs of customers looking to expand their large metal printing business, as well as those who are just getting started with the technology. The new system is based on the EP-M650 and EP-M1250 series of multi-laser 3D printers, the latter of which was announced as a finalist in the TCT Awards 2023 plebiscite in the hardware category – non-polymer systems.

The nine-laser EP-M1250 printer was launched in November 2022, just before Formnext, and has a build volume of 1258 x 1258 x 1350 mm. It is compatible with titanium, aluminum, maraging steel and stainless steel, as well as nickel-based and cobalt-chrome alloys.

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