3D Phoenix becomes an official sales partner of Meltio to increase growth in the Polish metal 3D printing market

3D Phoenix – one of the largest suppliers of industrial 3D printers in Poland, has established cooperation with Meltio – a manufacturer of revolutionary laser metal deposition technology. 3D Phoenix will play a key role in the distribution and support of Meltio metal 3D printing solutions on the Polish market as an official sales partner.

Meltio offers a pioneering metal 3D printing solution that enables industrial applications, based on a process that uses welding wire – the safest, cleanest and most available input material on the market. 3D Phoenix will focus on building support for the company’s technology in Poland, collaborating and developing business opportunities in partnership with technology centers, CNC machine tool companies, robotic integrators, universities and industry.

In Poland, the potential of the metal 3D printing market using wire and laser is based on traditional machining processes, but the trend of absorbing new technologies, with particular emphasis on 3D printing, has been gaining more and more popularity for some time.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Meltio as it is a breakthrough moment for the Polish industry. Regardless of whether our client is looking for a conventional 3D metal printer or a printing system integrated with a CNC machine that seamlessly combines the processes of adding and subtracting material, taking advantage of the best aspects of both technologies, or perhaps prefers integration with a robotic arm for greater freedom in creating large, complex parts and innovative external coatings – with Meltio we will adapt to each of these situations. This technology opens up completely new possibilities in the production of metal parts,” said Rafał Pancewicz, Business Development Director at 3D Phoenix.

Tomasz Garniec, Meltio sales manager in Poland, adds: “As the Meltio team, we are happy that our long-term efforts to find a good partner in Poland have been successful. 3D Phoenix fits perfectly into our philosophy. The company from Łomianki is an experienced supplier of 3D printing devices, but focuses on engineering and industrial solutions. Poland, as an economy of almost 40 million people in the central and eastern part of Europe, has a developed economy with huge mining companies, a large automotive sector, an extensive defense production sector, but also heavy industry, largely based on foundry engineering. Poland has been one of the main players in the global industrial metal processing market for many years – so it is a good place for Meltio to develop.”

3D Phoenix has been specializing in providing efficient industrial 3D printers in Poland for almost 10 years. The team consists of specialists with many years of experience who know production technologies, skillfully adapt them and optimize production processes. Thanks to their own technology park, they are able to support the client at every stage of the project.

Meltio takes metal 3D printing to the next level by developing efficient, accessible and easy-to-use solutions based on wire laser metal deposition technology. The company’s mission is to provide customers with pioneering metal 3D printing systems that are reliable, safe and high-performance.

Source: 3D Phoenix & Meltio press materials

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