EOS – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial 3D printers, announced the launch of a new, comprehensive production network aimed at connecting companies looking for 3D printing services in powder technologies – SLS and DMLS, with selected, certified EOS partners. The Scandinavian company Prototal Industries was the first to join the network of the German manufacturer.

With its design, EOS is expanding its existing contract manufacturing network with a comprehensive manufacturing component. In order to become a partner in this network, companies undergo a certification process in which the key criteria are broad production capabilities. From part design, to design optimization for additive manufacturing, high production capacity, pre-processing and post-processing, to quality assurance and assembly – all to create high-quality end parts at the serial level.

The first member of the comprehensive EOS production network was Prototal – Northern Europe’s largest supplier of industrial 3D printing, vacuum casting, injection molding and a manufacturer of aluminum tools. The company has been a customer of EOS for over 20 years. Thanks to its many years of experience in additive manufacturing and more than 50 EOS polymer systems, Prototal offers end-to-end capabilities for large-scale serial production and for demanding and strictly regulated industries such as aerospace, medical or automotive.

Source: www.eos.info
Photo: www.eos.info (press release / all rights reserved)

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