Sunlu – a Chinese manufacturer of FDM / FFF 3D printer consumables and various accessories for 3D printing, introduces a new FilaDryer S2 filament dryer to the market. It is a small and compact device, containing one spool of material, with the possibility of heating the chamber to 70 ° C. According to the manufacturer, the device uses such a distribution of heaters that it is evenly heated on each side, which is to ensure uniform and quick drying of the material. In addition, the FilaDryer S2 has been equipped with a large, touch control screen, allowing for easy operation.

Drying materials for 3D printing is essential for many engineering plastics – especially polyamides / nylons, which are highly hygroscopic. However, to dry before and during the 3D printing process, it is really worth drying all materials – including the popular PLA, because in uncontrolled conditions (apartment / office / open production space), the natural humidity in the air affects the quality of the material, which to a greater or lesser extent absorbs it to a degree. In extreme cases, the damp material causes retraction problems (characteristic thin threads appear on 3D prints) and the material quality itself deteriorates.

Another material that absolutely must be dried is the PVA or BVOH support material, which dissolves in water. For this group of filaments, the natural humidity in the air is highly degradable and without a dedicated drying device, it is not worth starting serious work with it.

The official price of the FilaDryer S2 is not yet known. The earlier model (S1) was priced at EUR 71.99, but is currently on sale at EUR 44.99.

Source: press release.

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