Infinite Flex, a German company producing materials for industry, announced the launch of pure copper powder that can be used in laser 3D metal printing systems (SLM / DMLS, DMP etc.). The INFINITE POWDER Cu 01 has already been successfully tested on 3D printers from EOS (EOS M290) and Trumpf (TruPrint 1000).

Pure copper is a very popular metal alloy in almost all industries due to its high electrical and thermal conductivity. At the same time, pure copper cannot be easily used in the 3D printing technology of melting powders with a laser beam, because the coupling of the IR laser radiation hardly works with it. The main reason is the high reflection of laser radiation and the high thermal conductivity of pure copper. Several different companies have explored the use of copper in 3D printing using alternative technologies such as green lasers for SLM, EBM or Binder Jetting technologies, where the powder is chemically bonded and then melted in furnaces.

Until now, various copper alloys such as CuCrZr or CuNiSiCr have been used in laser technologies, but the effects were very average. These copper alloys show much lower conductivity properties than pure copper. For example, CuCrZr achieves an electrical conductivity of at most 70% of pure copper, and the conductivity of CuNiSiCr is even worse (24 MS / m or about 40% of pure copper).

Meanwhile, thanks to its properties, Infinite Flex can be used in the additive manufacturing process of highly conductive copper components such as heat exchangers, inductors and components in the electronics industry. Here is the technical specification of the material:

Technologies available:

  • Selective laser sintering (SLM)
  • Laser welding (LMD)
  • Plasma Metallization / Digital Direct Metallization (DDM)

Electrical and thermal conductivity:

  • Electrical conductivity> 52 MS / m (91% IACS)
  • Thermal conductivity> 360 W / (m * K)
  • Tensile strength:> 220 MPa
  • Performance limit Rp 0.2:> 110 MPa
  • Elongation at Break: 24%
  • perfect for all commonly used

Detailed information:

  • Copper content> 99.5%
  • Particle size: 10 – 45 microns
  • Particle size (D50): 30 microns
  • Rate of increase in volume: 2.2 mm3 / s
  • Layer construction thickness: 30 microns
  • Porosity: <0.1% TRL level 3 Surface angle:> 41 °

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