Desktop Metal introduces another material to its offer – this time DM HH Stainless Steel (DM HH-SS), a custom stainless steel alloy that combines high strength and hardness with corrosion resistance. It can be used for the production of large-scale components in many industries where high strength and hardness are required, including in the oil and gas, automotive, consumer product and medical device industries. With the addition of this new alloy, Desktop Metal 3D printers can already use a total of ten qualified metal alloys.

DM HH-SS is a custom heat treatable alloy that combines the tensile strength, ductility and corrosion resistance of 13-8 PH stainless steel with the added benefit of increased hardness comparable to low alloy steels such as 4140. These attributes make DM HH-SS is a key material for companies looking to eliminate the use of low alloy steels that also require a subsequent coating step in corrosion protection applications. DM HH-SS is also an ideal material for injection molding applications where the injection tool cores and cavities are conformally cooled.

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