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Desktop Metal introduces a new ETEC Pro XL DLP 3D printer to the market

Desktop Metal has announced the launch of the ETEC Pro XL, a high-quality photopolymer 3D printer with digital light processing (DLP), which the company says comes to market at less than half the price of its predecessor. The ETEC Pro XL has a working area of 249.1 x 140.1 x 165.1 mm, and is equipped with an ultra-high resolution 4K projector. The projector also has a high-class light engine with a wavelength of 385 nm, providing a power density of 5 mW/cm^2, which translates into shorter layer exposure time.

Desktop Metal’s HyperPrint technology accelerates already fast DLP 3D printing times with a resin heater and closed-loop sensing system for continuous isotropic printing at low pulling forces. The company says the ETEC Pro XL 3D printer also offers a native XY resolution of 65 µm with a dynamic Z-axis voxel resolution of 25, 50 or 100 µm.

ETEC Pro XL is currently qualified for use with E-Rigid Form Charcoal – a high strength and stiffness polyurethane-like resin, HTM 140 – a high temperature resin and Easy Cast 2.0 – a high wax jewelry casting resin. According to the company, ETEC Pro XL is also backwards compatible with materials previously approved for previous 3D printer models – P4K and Perfactory.

The ETEC Pro XL 4K UHD projector is powered by an industrial-grade DLP chip located under the resin vat. Double linear guides of the movable build platform ensure high 3D printing accuracy across the entire build table. Depending on the material being processed, a layer thickness of up to 25 microns can be achieved.

Source: www.desktopmetal.com
Photo: www.businesswire.com

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