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UltiMaker Announces Speed Boost for S Series 3D Printers

UltiMaker has announced a software update that increases 3D printing speeds on S series 3D printers. Thanks to the new improvements, users can achieve up to two times faster speeds compared to the previous version, while maintaining printing efficiency at the level of “95% or more”.

CURA 5.5 S series software now includes a number of optimized speed profiles, standardized for various types of filaments such as PLA, Tough PLA, PETG and ABS. According to the company, other improvements include optimized handling of material flow speed and print nozzle pressure when switching between types of printed lines.

Ultimaker claims this ensures no loss of 3D print quality during transitions, smooth interior wall paths, reduced printing time and irregular movement, and reduced irregular fill movements.

“We know that speed is only part of the recipe for 3D printing success. UltiMaker printers have been trusted for years due to their reliability,” said UltiMaker’s new CEO, Michael Alting von Geusau. “We want to provide our customers with a better experience, and we believe that by optimizing the S-Series to accelerate workflow, our customers can increase their return on investment, reduce time to market, and leverage the endless possibilities of 3D printing.”

Source: www.ultimaker.com
Photo: www.ultimaker.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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