We have written a lot about an amazing Kickstarter campaign of Polymaker, but do you know that this company is also ann innovative producer of high-quality filament for extrusion based desktop 3D printers? It unveils PC-Max™ – a new filament to join the family of polycarbonate filaments. Much like PolyMax™ PLA is an optimized PLA filament, PC-Max™ takes the already impressive characteristics of polycarbonate, one step further. What is more, Polymaker is adding three additional colour choices to their range of PolyPlus™ PLA and PolyMax™. These new colors are: True Green, True Grey and True Purple.

The introduction of the Polymaker PC family is the result of Polymaker partnering with Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Science). Covestro, which provided the raw polycarbonate resins for Polymaker PC, has built a stellar reputation as a world-leading supplier of innovative, sustainable and diverse high-tech polymer materials.

What is characteristic for PC-Max™?

It offers increased tensile strength and impact resistance, aimed at the engineering sector. This new filament has been in the research and development lab at Polymaker for over a year. Polymaker lowered the printing temperature of PC Max from 300°C – 320°C down to a moderate 250°C – 270°C. Furthermore,  the dimensional stability of PC-Max™ gives this filament excellent heat resistance (over 110°C) making PC-Max™ suitable for mechanically demanding applications. Additional functional properties include intrinsic flame retardance, resistance to chemicals and solvents.

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Polymaker expand their PolyPlus™ and PolyMax™ color range, introducing True Green, True Grey and true Purple. With the addition of these new colors, PolyPlus™ now has 11 true colors and 4 translucent colors. PolyMax™ now has 10 true colors to chose from covering a wide range of the color spectrum.

Polymaker PC-Max™ costs 39.99$ per spool or $46.99 bundled with a 8” x 8” BuildTak™ sheet) will be available in May on the Polymaker website and through Polymaker’s worldwide distributor network.

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