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Arburg will present a comprehensive range of machines at Fakuma 2023, including two new 3D printers

On October 17-21, 2023, the next edition of the Fakuma fair, which is one of the key plastics processing fairs, will be held in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Arburg – one of the largest companies producing injection molding systems, which has also been operating in the 3D printing industry for over a decade, will present the full range of its machines, including new 3D printers – Freeformer 750-3X and innovatiQ TiQ 2.

Freeformer 750-3X is a high-temperature 3D printer that allows work with Ultem 9085 granules. The working chamber can be heated to a temperature of 200°C, and the 3D printing process itself takes place at a temperature of up to 450°C. A significant increase in the working area to approximately 750 square centimeters allows for the industrial production of large functional components or small series.

In the context of sustainable production, Arburg relies on the self-developed Gestica control system and specially optimized data preparation to maximize process stability, quality of produced parts and 3D printing time, which reduces both unit costs and material consumption. The “ProcessLog” platform also plays a key role here, as it enables continuous documentation and traceability of every component produced, ensuring transparency of production processes and helping to significantly reduce the number of scraps and errors.

innovatiQ TiQ 2 is a compact 3D printer that works with filaments based on, among others, polyamide (PA) and polypropylene (PP). The device is based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology and is a particularly economical solution for starting additive manufacturing, especially since it also impresses with an open material system.

Source: www.arburg.com

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