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AnkerMake presents two new applications – image conversion into 3D models and a map generator of selected cities

AnkerMake – an American manufacturer of amateur FDM / FFF 3D printers, has launched two web applications that open up quite interesting possibilities for generating files for 3D printing for users. Its platform with 3D printing models – Make It Real – now includes 3D Paint, a program that allows you to transform photos into .STL files optimized for printing in full color, and CityPrint, which allows you to generate a 3D model of a part of the city.

To create a colorful 3D print from a photo or vector graphics, upload the graphics in JPG or PNG format to 3D Paint. The application will then automatically convert it to an STL file for 3D printing. Different colors and brightness levels will be generated as raised areas, allowing you to change the filament on a given layer. According to AnkerMake, the best results are achieved with vector graphics with clearly separated colors.

In the case of photos and tonal transitions, as well as graphics with very diverse colors, the final effect may not be satisfactory. The application is also limited to generating 6 colors (layers). Nevertheless, 3D Paint is a creative game that involves printing simple images as unique 3D objects. You can access the online tool here.

CityPrint allows you to print a 3D map of a selected city. Currently, you can choose one of seven cities, and CityPrint will generate complex 3D models of road networks and buildings. The app includes detailed 3D data from seven cities, including New York, Berlin, Hamburg and London. Just select a square or rectangular part of the city and then download it as an STL file.

The finished 3D model reproduces all buildings, streets, bridges and landmarks of the selected district according to scale. In this way, unique city souvenirs are created that can be printed on a 3D printer. The application is available here.

Source: www.ankermake.com

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