HP announces partnership with Brooks Running for 3D printing of sports shoes

HP announced its collaboration with Brooks Running, a running apparel company and subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, to develop Exhilirate-BL, a shoe created using Multi Jet Fusion technology. Brooks Running says its BlueLine Lab-developed footwear is at the forefront of technology, biomechanical research and advanced engineering to enhance the quality of running shoes.

Brooks Exhilirate-BL use 3DNA technology – a 3D printed midsole that provides a dynamic and flexible run. The company says the shoes have been specially designed and sized based on runner data, ensuring everyone has optimal cushioning and flexibility with every step. Multi Jet Fusion technology is also designed to provide greater energy return than 90% of midsoles currently available on the running shoe market.

The use of HP’s 3D printing technology allowed the company to fine-tune midsole components down to the millimeter in a way that would otherwise not have been possible. At the same time, Brooks emphasizes that he is just learning how he can change the sensations under the runner’s feet and use 3D printing to provide the highest quality experience while running.

Brooks will release a limited number of Exhilarate-BL pairs as part of a test and learn program to select Brooks Wear brand users and Brooks Run Club loyalty members who have synced their wearables through the Brooks platform in partnership with DashLX. The company says it can use the devices to access runner data, including stride length, cadence and other factors influenced by weight and height, which will help create future versions of Brooks shoes equipped with 3DNA technology.

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