The COVID-19 pandemic changed the perception of 3D printing when it found use in healthcare. The main advantage of additive technology is the ability to perform any projects. Due to the fast and efficient production of personal protective equipment for medical personnel and parts of hospital equipment, 3D printing technology has gained in importance and popularity. ZMorph also played an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, ZMorph operates in 40 countries on five continents. The company continues to grow and starts another round of financing for the implementation of new projects. In response to customer requirements, the 3D printer manufacturer intends to launch further 3D printing materials and new 3D printers – ZMorph 3.0 and LCD. The premieres are scheduled for next year.


ZMorph created and shared several 3D models of visors, of which over a thousand were printed and sent to hospitals in Wrocław, Katowice, Warsaw, Oleśnica and Legnica. During the epidemic, up to 20 3D printers worked simultaneously.

In addition, ZMorph made available designs of several types of ready-made visors and accessories that can be printed on the equipment of this manufacturer. These include, among others, bands for disposable masks and neoprene masks, increasing the comfort of use and handles enabling opening the door without having to touch the handle.

In addition to applications in medicine and healthcare, 3D printing is used in the space, automotive, aviation and education industries. This year, ZMorph won the tender under the project “EU-genius in the 3D world”, thanks to which schools from the Toruń poviat and the surrounding area will be equipped with 41 3D printers.


Due to the growing demand for 3D printers and the popularity of 3D printing technologies, the company decided to open a new, larger headquarters. Maciej Nawrocki, President of the Board in ZMorph says:

The new headquarters will give us more opportunities. Our team is still growing, even now. What is important to us – thanks to proper management during the pandemic, we did not have to reduce the number of full-time jobs and maintained employment continuity. We want to provide our employees not only with the opportunity to develop innovative projects, but also good working conditions and a calm head.

The company’s flagship product is ZMorph VX, equipped with the function of CNC milling and laser engraving. It is a machine producing high precision elements in FDM technology.

The manufacturer offers professional and industrial printers. One of them is HBOT, which has a larger work surface, dedicated to industry and professionals. ZMorph also offers its proprietary Voxelizer software to support 3D printers.

The premiere of the first new 3D printer – ZMorph 3.0 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. It will be equipped with two printheads and a large work surface. The 3D printer is to be dedicated to both professionals and industry. In turn, ZMorph LCD, printing from resins, is intended for the dental industry. Its premiere is also to take place next year.

Additive technologies find their place in a growing number of applications. Professional and industrial 3D printers are the fastest growing segments of 3D printing. According to data published by Grand View Research, last year the value of the global 3D printing market was over USD 11.5 billion, and by 2027 it is expected to increase to USD 35 billion.

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