Ziggzagg, a Belgian company specializing in 3D printing services, chose 3YOURMIND to develop a fully automated workflow. The company has previously invested in 10 HP industrial 3D printers and fulfills orders of up to 200,000 parts. Thanks to the 3YOURMIND system, Ziggzagg managed to fully automate the processes of pricing services and the execution of ordered orders.

Specialized 3D printing houses play a key role in the development of the additive manufacturing industry. To achieve this, they use IT tools for work automation that store all information in one, easily accessible place. By implementing Agile ERP and MES, as well as integrating two previously used programs, 3YOURMIND has developed a fully personalized solution for Ziggzagg.

Thanks to the huge investments made in just two years, Ziggzagg has managed to position itself not only as one of the leading providers of 3D printing services in Belgium, but also internationally. It was one of the first companies to implement HP technology in the country, which currently translates into the second largest HP 3D printer farm in Europe. Ziggzagg is also one of the manufacturer’s seven global partners.

Ziggzagg is striving to create the factory of the future – this goal is to be achieved by:

  • Automation of additive mass production to manage a fleet of HP 3D printers, as well as the implementation of a 100% automatic, comprehensive digital solution
  • Achieve faster production by tracking the part making process throughout the entire production chain
  • focusing on mass production and mass personalization.

The implementation of the 3YOURMIND system consisted of the following stages: Agile ERP and MES were integrated with AM-flow (parts recognition and sorting) and Shippo (delivery) via Zapier, which centralized all data on one platform. As a result, Ziggzagg had more time to expand its machine portfolio without the need to increase the number of employees, and could spend less time and manual work on administrative tasks.

3YOURMIND has implemented digital communication streams, providing immediate, accurate pricing and automated order management. It also integrated production planning and tracking to ensure a more efficient workflow.

Fully automating the workflow from order acceptance to production and delivery dramatically reduced costly errors by up to 30%. As a result, Ziggzagg has given its customers confidence in the quality and repeatability of their 3D printed parts. This resulted in better traceability of parts and a more finished and reliable workflow than before.

The solution also had benefits for customers – the service desk improved communication with the customer using the online platform and the “chat” function, and the more efficient and structured flow of offers helped to simplify prices for both parties.

Source: 3YOURMIND press release

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