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Technology Applied implements MES software from AMFG

Software company AMFG announced that Technology Applied, the largest Polish company providing 3D printing services, has made a strategic decision to implement its MES software to optimize its additive manufacturing processes. Technology Applied produces hundreds of thousands of functional elements for machines, devices and production lines every year. At work, he uses SLS technologies from EOS, MJF from HP, SLA from DW Systems as well as a number of other printing devices made of photopolymers and plastics.

Technology Applied from Białystok has established itself as a major player in the 3D printing and industrial production industry in Poland, thanks to attractive start-up costs, direct contact with the customer and short order fulfillment times. In addition to the above-mentioned production systems, it has a complete system for finishing 3D prints using DyeMansion technology – including grinding, dyeing and steam smoothing. Currently, the company is automating pre-production and production processes, and for this purpose it has entered into cooperation with AMFG.

AMFG provided solutions to Technology Applied in the field of pricing and production process automation. These solutions have significantly accelerated and facilitated these processes, making them more transparent and user-friendly. Thanks to the integration of the AMFG software, the response to the request for quotation was accelerated by up to +70% in the case of inquiries handled by a salesperson. Additionally, this process has become fully automated for offers and orders placed via the Instant Quote portal.

Commenting on the new partnership, Jarosław Kozak said: “AMFG automation software allows our company to save money. Well-functioning, efficient and transparent procedures save time and work, and thus provide peace of mind for the management staff.”

Instead of manually compiling quotes, which often leads to tedious and time-consuming browsing, the AMFG Instant Quote tool generates quotes based on sophisticated algorithms built in line with Technology Applied’s current pricing logic. This allows you to increase your offering possibilities without reducing the quality of interaction with customers. AMFG connects Technology Applied’s email to the tool so it can quickly and easily turn emailed quote requests into quotes using our submission feature.

By reducing the time spent on administrative tasks, Technology Applied can shift the work of its salespeople from preparing labor-intensive documents to acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with them. Moreover, the AMFG digital warehouse gives Technology Applied the opportunity to save parts from standing orders – which is an extremely convenient solution for regular customers. Instead of waiting for new offers on repeat orders, customers can simply add them to their cart.

The AMFG order management system allows Technology Applied to identify parts with the specific batch of material from which they were made. With a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing process, part and order statuses are easily tracked and viewed, and provide full traceability.

Improving overall visibility results in improved quality assurance procedures, enabling Technology Applied to handle more orders while maintaining production standards. In addition to providing engineers and machinists with a comprehensive overview of production processes, customers can now easily monitor the status of their orders through real-time updates.

“Thanks to the solutions proposed by AMFG, the production department can simply get on with its work, instead of wondering what to do,” adds Jarosław Kozak. In turn, Robert Steele – implementation consultant at AMFG said: “Applied Technology constantly proves that it is a leader in the AM industry. We are always impressed by the scope and quality of the work they produce, and with AMFG increasing their productivity, I am confident they will continue to develop and innovate. It was a pleasure to work with Jarosław and the TA team.”

AMFG is a leading supplier of MES software for manufacturing. The company’s software solutions support manufacturers by enabling them to manage workflows and achieve streamlined, automated processes. With over 500 successful implementations in 35 countries and industries, we specialize in enabling companies to successfully integrate AM into their broader manufacturing processes and scale their AM operations.

Technology Applied was founded in 2015 in Białystok by Jarosław Kozak, who previously co-founded the Rapid Crafting company in 2012-2014. At work, the company uses, among others: SLS systems from EOS, MJF from HP and industrial SLA 3D printers from the Italian DWS Systems and a number of other 3D printers offering 3D printing capabilities in most popular additive methods. It also has DyeMansion automated post-processing machines and its own paint shop for ready-made 3D prints. It is also ISO 9001 certified for its quality management system. The certificate was issued by the prestigious certification body – TÜV NORD and confirms the application of the highest standards in quality management and all processes in the company.

Source: www.amfg.ai

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