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Stratasys will present a new industrial FDM 3D printer at Formnext – F3300

Stratasys will present its new FDM 3D printer – F3300 at Formnext. The company claims that it will be the most advanced class device on the market. Its design and advanced features will transform the way additive manufacturing is used in the most demanding industries, such as aerospace, automotive, government/military and 3D printing services. The F3300 will be available for sale from 2024.

The F3300 is the latest 3D printer in the line of industrial FDM devices, which includes the F900, F770, F450mc and F123 series. The F3300 complements the F900 model, known for its reliability, large working capacity and use of high-performance materials.

Key features of the F3300 include:

  • higher 3D printing speeds thanks to increased crane, extrusion and auto-calibration speeds
  • higher quality of manufactured parts and increased efficiency thanks to up to 25% increase in accuracy and repeatability, along with automatic calibration of the 3D printer
  • maximum uptime thanks to machine monitoring, extruder redundancy and an interface design focused on ease of use for operators
  • lower operating costs with 25-45% savings compared to other Stratasys FDM solutions.

Stratasys is organizing a special event on November 7, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. CET where it will showcase the new 3D printer live. You can sign up here to secure a place at the event or watch a livestream of the presentation.

Source: Stratasys press materials

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