3D prints in full-colour from diverse materials of  different stamps?  And that’s all only one process of 3D printing? Thanks to J750 from Stratasys it’s possible. This device lets to print in over 360 000 shades. It’s also possible to gain a gradient or texture on your 3D print, what has been available only on Z-Corp devices. J750 uses PolyJet technology, what means, that it’s even possible to print  out transparent elements.

Do you want to prepare correction glasses with eye protection glass, multicolour frames, flexible earpieces on one, with no need to combine several parts and change the material? For J750 it’s not a problem. You just need to put your model into PolyJet Studio software and add to each part stamps proper to their material and choose a colour. It lets to eliminate post-processing and makes quick prototyping even faster.

J750 is the quickest device of PolyJet 3D printers, because of the system of six printing heads. Printing time last according to Stratasys only a half time of like in case of devices of its rivals.

Its working area is  49 x 39 x 20 cm, a layer has a thickness of 14 microns and a resolution in X i Y tis600 dpi. A box standing next to the device is a hiding place for cartridges, which can be replaces during 3D printing. There are 16 of them, 2 for each printing head + 4 with a support material.  When a material ends in one of the cartridges, a machine switches on another material. It makes possible to create very big objects.

J750 is an “all in one” device, which combines features of the devices, which had been produced before. It gives a chance to create a prototype on one device. Since recently, it has been possible only when you had changed devices or materials. The price of the device will be adequate to its possibilities. Main customers will be huge prototyping centres.

Source: www.stratasys.com

Marcin Wielkiewicz
Engineer, CAD specialist, who carries out trainings about CAD software, especially Geomagic. Engaged in 3D printing services at Stratasys since 2008, 3D scanning and reverse engineering. He spends his free time in the mountain.

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