SMARTTECH3D – a leading Polish manufacturer of 3D scanners, introduces Innovmetric’s PolyWorks software to its wide offer. PolyWorks is the “Universal Metrology Software Platform“, which is designed for processing and analyzing three-dimensional data. Four versions of the software have appeared in the SMARTTECH3D offer – Inspector, Modeler, Talisman and Viewer.

Founded in 1994 in Quebec, Canada, InnovMetric Software Inc. is a leading provider of universal solutions in the field of 3D metrology software. Its solutions are used by the world’s largest production companies (Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Honda, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Apple etc.). SMARTTECH3D is a Polish manufacturer of 3D scanners, operating on the market since 2000. The company’s offer includes a full range of professional non-contact measuring devices for various applications as well as quality control and reverse engineering software. SMARTTECH provides design and implementation services for advanced machine vision systems and 3D measurement services around the world. The company’s clients include NASA, Boeing, Lufthansa, Orlen, Military Police, KRONES, Central Office of Measures and many educational units.

PolyWorks is designed to maximize the benefits of 3D measurements. The results obtained using SMARTTECH3D scanners are fully compatible with PolyWorks software. SMARTTECH3D recommends using the latest MICRON3D green stereo scanner in this configuration.

The functional possibilities of the individual software modules are as follows:

PolyWorks Inspector is software used for quality control, dimensioning, diagnosis and prevention of problems in production. The software additionally guides the operator through the entire measurement process and supervises the quality of the collected data.

PolyWorks Modeler is a comprehensive reverse engineering software that allows you to detect characteristic CAD elements such as curves, parametric surfaces and prismatic elements from digitized models. They serve as a starting point in professional CAD modeling.

PolyWorks Talisman is intended for users who want to operate 3D measuring devices away from their computers. It is a flexible solution available for mobile devices that remotely controls the operation of PolyWorks and provides feedback to the operator.

PolyWorks Viewer is a free browser that allows 3D measurement specialists to share their designs across the company, enabling team members to extract the information they need from the measurement database.

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