SLM Solutions announced the market premiere of a new 3D printer – NXG XII 600E, based on the popular NXG XII 600 model, with an enlarged 1.5-meter Z-axis working chamber. SLM has accepted its first order from Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) – the main contractor United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) project. At the same time, customers who have installed or intend to install the NXG XII 600 can take advantage of the expandable machine architecture and upgrade their system to increase production volume. Deliveries of the NXG XII 600E are expected in 2023.

With the introduction of the NXG XII 600 series, SLM Solutions believes it will revolutionize additive metal manufacturing. Customers have been demanding serial production of complex geometries and faster 3D printing of larger components, and SLM is currently working to make these expectations a reality. The NXG XII 600E can make large parts in hours or days instead of weeks and months thanks to 12 lasers with a power of 1 kW and a print speed of 1000 cm / h. The NXG XII 600 is 20 times faster than a single laser system and 5 times faster than a quad laser system, ensuring the lowest possible cost of end parts.

SLM Solutions includes a comprehensive production workflow. The 3D printer allows you to rotate between successive orders within one hour compared to the reported “days” in competing technologies. In addition, the NXG platform features an open SLM architecture that provides maximum flexibility to adjust 3D printing process parameters using a 90 µm layer and a wide range of materials such as IN718, AlSi10Mg, TiAl6V4 and copper alloys.

Supportless 3D Printing with Free Float provides “maximum design freedom” and reduces the need for both support structures and post-processing time by up to 90%. SLM.Quality provides efficient and solid quality assurance of 3D prints with documentation, process qualification and part certification, with the simultaneous ability to generate a quality report with two clicks.

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