Sinterit, a polish manufacturer of 3D printers, enters the industrial 3D printing market in SLS technology. Following the success of his LISA desktop devices, he set out to create an industrial grade machine with a larger work chamber and faster manufacturing speed. NILS 480 is dedicated to customers who expect higher 3D printing performance than LISA users.

The new 3D printer has a larger working chamber with dimensions of 200 x 200 x 330 mm, which allows the production of much larger or more elements during one process. In addition, NILS 480 prints 3D faster and is more automated compared to other desktop devices of the Krakow manufacturer. To increase the production capacity of the device, Sinterit applied a number of improvements. The 3D printer has an intelligent powder distribution system and solutions that enable continuous 3D printing. The device has been designed with ergonomics and economy in mind. Sinterit ensures that the new 3D printing system allows you to achieve industrial quality at an attractive price, and the cost of a 3D printer will pay for itself in just 40 days.

The prices of SLS 3D printing systems that are currently available on the market reach high amounts. Meanwhile, Sinterit announces that the NILS 480 will revolutionize the cost of machines of this type, making industrial SLS more accessible to many users. Nevertheless, the manufacturer will announce the final price of the device only at the webinar on September 15, 2021. However, the device itself will be available for sale in early 2022.

Price is not the only factor that makes NILS 480 more accessible to users. A number of improvements have made the 3D printer more intuitive and user-friendly. The manufacturing process has also been more automated, making production even easier. Thanks to the optimizations introduced in the NILS 480, the maintenance of the device is simpler than with other industrial 3D printers.

The new Sinterit machine allows the use of materials from other suppliers, and even non-standard ones. To adapt the 3D printing process to an unusual material, users have the ability to adjust more than 50 different 3D printing parameters to obtain the best quality parts from the selected material. The device enables 3D printing from a wide range of materials, including hard, durable, flexible and high-temperature powders. NILS 480 is dedicated not only to industrial companies that expect high-quality parts. Due to the possibility of using any material, it will be useful for laboratories, research centers and material designers.

The machine will be available for sale in early 2022, and interested parties will be able to take a look at its capabilities on September 15, 2021, during an online event.


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