ZMorph VX Full Set is a multifunctional system, which combines numerous manufacturing methods –  from 3D printing in various variants to laser plotting or CNC milling. Thanks to the combination of various fabrication methods, the device allows the creation of both prototypes and functional parts, using methods most suitable for specific applications. 

The multi-functionality of the solution opens up a wide range of possibilities for users interested in modern technologies. Going beyond the framework of standard 3D printing makes the ZMorph VX a solution that will work both in research and development, and will be used in spaces supporting the implementation of own projects, such as Fab labs or school workshops. 

In this article, we present the characteristics of the ZMorph VX Full Set interchangeable toolheads with examples of applications. The list of all toolheads, which are available in the set is, is presented in one of the previous articles about unboxing of the ZMorph VX. 


The common part of the ZMorph VX and ZMorph VX Full Set is the 3D printing head, adapted to filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm. The toolhead allows you to 3D print from simple materials, such as PLA or PET-G, as well as more difficult ones – ASA, ABS or PP. The impressions of working with the printhead were described in the previous article in the ZMorph series. There you will find detailed information on the technical details of 3D printing.


The Dual PRO toolhead allows you to create advanced 3D prints not from one, but from two materials. This allows for both rapid prototyping of two-color elements and the creation of end-use objects. 3D printing from two materials, mixing colors, creating gradients and mapping images on models – this is a wide range of applications of the DUAL PRO head. In the case of this tool, the proper preparation of the model in the dedicated Voxelizer software is of particular importance. In the following articles we will look at the program functions that allow you to experiment with color.

The most important condition for 3D printing with two materials are similar plastic melting temperatures. The extruder also allows for the production of models using a soluble support material such as PVA. It is important to remember about proper maintenance and conservation of the head. Keeping the toolhead in good condition will prevent the nozzle clogging. 

Below we present some prints using a two-color 3D print head.

3D printing with the use of many materials opens up many opportunities, including object mapping, creation of gradients, or 3D printing with the use of building material and soluble PVA support.


CNC PRO is a head that allows CNC milling and engraving in various materials, including wood and acrylic glass. Thanks to a durable and rigid frame of the device, the ZMorph VX 3D printer withstands the overloads with high torque during CNC machining. Thanks to the adjustable speed and interchangeable drill bits, achieving the highest quality work is at your fingertips. 

The CNC PRO head allows you to work on a wide range of materials, including wooden; beech, oak, maple, walnut, pine, chestnut. In addition, it offers CNC machining of many other raw materials, e.g. plywood, wax, acrylic glass, PVC foam or PCBs. A special work table ensures process safety and simple positioning of the processed material. Moreover, the design of the device makes it possible to keep the working area clean.

The Voxelizer software allows you to handle CNC milling operations without the need to manually enter the commands. The program will guide even a novice user through the milling process, e.g. dividing process for tasks.


Laser PRO is a toolhead, which allows cutting and engraving with a blue laser diode with a power of 2.8 W. It is 50% more powerful than its predecessor, thanks to which the work is twice as fast. The Laser PRO head offers a high level of details and decreases the possiblity of burns on the edges of the processed material, offering high quality projects. 

The module has completely new electronics and a reliable aluminum body with an integrated cooling system. It is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, making its installation and use much easier. The toolhead has a new aluminum cover for the laser beam. The set also includes safety glasses to ensure a high level of user safety.

The Laser PRO tool allows you to cut and engrave materials such as plywood, various types of wood, self-adhesive foil, cardboard, leather or acrylic glass.

A drone created with three fabrication methods 

Thanks to the fact that the ZMorph VX allows you to create objects using three fabrication methods, it was possible to create a functional prototype of the drone. 3D printing allowed to print a durable electronics housing, propeller covers and chassis made of ABS material. Then, using the Laser PRO head, an engraving of the electronics design was made on the copper PCB laminate. The CNC PRO toolhead allowed to cut the frame from a light and durable Dibond composite and the shape of a previously engraved PCB. 

The last step was to complete the electronics (sensors, processor, battery, controller, etc.) and post-processing; smoothing and painting the model in order to give the final touches. With the help of a multi-functional 3D printer, making the flying drone prototype was easy. All production technologies are encased in one device, in the space not larger than a desk.

One multifunctional device ZMorph VX allows the production of fully functional end-use models and prototypes.

Another Laser PRO head applications 

The dedicated Voxelizer software allows you to convert JPEG files into ready-to-use G-code that is read by the ZMorph VX 3D printer. This happens automatically using the Image Etching feature. The image fabrication settings can be edited by adjusting the engraving speed. Soft four-mm plywood on which images have been laser-burned requires high process speed. Tougher materials would need a slower engraving speed.

Another possible application of Laser PRO is engraving patterns on natural leather. The toolhead enabled creation of an Art Deco inspired pattern, producing an accurate print with sharp edges. The entire process took about 10 minutes.


Thick Paste Extruder is a toolhead dedicated to extruding thick masses. It allows one to create decorations, patterns and simple 2D and 3D objects, using ceramic masses and food. The mass is pressed under pressure from a capacious, replaceable syringe. Such technology creates many possibilities for its application in art, research on materials or creating decorations from food. Thanks to its simple design, the head is safe for work with young people and children.

The module is dedicated to work with many types of semi-liquid and thick masses, such as ceramics or food in the form of pastes. Thick Paste Extruder also allows you to experiment and carry out a research on materials such as silicone, porcelain or food masses.

In the following parts of our cycle, we’ll take a closer look at what Voxelizer can do. See you soon! 

Patrycja Dubert
Biomedical engineer interested in unconventional and innovative approach to medicine and its connection with modern technology.

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