ROSA 3D – Polish manufacturer of filaments for 3D printers of the FFF / FDM type has expanded its offer by three luminescent PLA Starter colors: Neon Yellow, Neon Green and Neon Orange. Filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm and a weight of 0.8 kg are available both directly in the manufacturer’s store, popular sales websites (Ceneo, Allegro, eMag) as well as from official distributors.

Neon colors usher in the Special Colors line in the PLA Starter category – intended for people who are starting their adventure with 3D printing. They are made of biodegradable biopolymer approved for contact with food. They offer easy 3D printing due to excellent layer adhesion and low shrinkage. What’s more – they give a smooth print finish (the effect of invisible layers). Thanks to eye-catching colors, they are great for producing elements that are to be clearly visible.

The manufacturer recommends printing neon PLA Starter at 200-220°C, and if we have a heated table, it is worth heating it to 50°C for better adhesion of the first layer. The airflow matched to the printed model should ensure good detail reproduction. A closed chamber is not required.

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