Polish manufacturer of filaments for FDM / FFF 3D printers – ROSA3D, has been operating on the 3D printing market since 2018, however, his experience in the processing of plastics dates back to 1979. Knowledge in this field allows the company to create a number of innovative materials and ensure high quality in the field of production of popular, typical consumables such as PLA, ABS or PETG. Now ROSA3D invites users of its filaments to cooperate with us by launching the program “R&D-ROSA3D Community“, where in return for tests and reviews of new products, you can receive filaments.

The aim of the project is to involve the company’s current and future customers to participate in the process of creating new products. Interested persons can register on the manufacturer’s website, and after positive verification, they will receive material for testing. ROSA3D ensures that these will not be small samples of plastics, but filament spools, from which it will be possible to achieve quite substantial results.

The testers will then publish reviews of the tested filaments using a dedicated form. In return for the submitted review, the testers will receive points that can be exchanged for any materials from the company’s offer. Points will be converted into PLN and will be available for use in the company’s online store. The owner of the ROSA3D company – Alicja Sakowicz-Soldatke, promises that one good review of the material can translate into even 2 PLA spools.

The company would like to establish permanent cooperation with people who both have hobby equipment and those who have the opportunity to work on industrial-class devices. The goal is to work with at least several dozen people. ROSA3D claims to have a number of ideas for further consumables, however, it wants to co-create them and verify them with 3D printers. He is also running a number of open projects that he intends to consult with the 3D printing community before launching them on the market.

To join the program and submit your candidacy, please use the dedicated page: Join the R&D-ROSA3D community! A dedicated FB page will also be created for the participants.

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