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Roboze will present at Formnext a large-format 3D printer ARGO 1000 that prints directly from granules

Roboze – an Italian manufacturer of large-format FDM/FFF 3D printers, will present at the Formnext fair a new technological solution called Hypermelt, dedicated to the ARGO 1000 machine. It is a system of extrusion directly from granules, which, according to Roboze, will allow the production of parts at a tenfold higher speed and lower costs. up to 60% compared to 3D printers based on filaments. The manufacturer also claims that ARGO 1000 equipped with Hypermelt is the world’s largest 3D printer printing from granules.

The ARGO 1000 3D printer premiered at Formnext 2021 and has since been implemented by a number of large and well-known industrial companies. However, they reported that the production of parts larger than 500 mm in XYZ axes using the traditional FDM / FFF method is quite a challenge. Hypermelt aims to solve this problem.

The new machine is equipped with a heated working chamber with a temperature of up to 180°C, a 3D printing volume of 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm and the ability to work with two print heads. ARGO 1000 will be able to produce parts from the so-called superpolymers such as PEKK, PEEK, ULTEM 9085, PA filled with carbon fiber, elastomers, as well as recycled materials and polymers of biological origin. The extrusion speed is 2 kg/h.

“Hypermelt technology offers our customers the ability to competitively produce large production batches compared to traditional manufacturing techniques and obtain components with a volume of up to 1 cubic meter at costs significantly lower than current large-format 3D printing technology based on filaments – and at up to 10 times faster speeds ” – comments Roboze CEO Alessio Lorusso: “This innovation marks a new era in additive manufacturing using advanced materials.”

Source: www.roboze.com

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