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EOS launches a 3D metal printer – M 300-4 equipped with four 1 kW lasers

EOS launches a modernized EOS M 300-4 metal 3D printer equipped with four 1 kW lasers. The machine was developed to use aluminum and copper alloys in work and produce applications such as brackets, handles, antennas and e-mobility components.

EOS presented the M 300-4 3D printer a few years ago, and among the customers who implemented this machine were: Material Solutions, Incodema3D and Rennscot MFG. Working to further refine its quad laser technology for machining powdered metal alloys, the company has integrated 1 kW lasers to provide productivity gains compared to the standard M 300-4 machine, which uses four 400 W lasers.

The lasers operate in a workspace of 300 x 300 x 400 mm and help ensure a sintering speed of 154 mm3/s, a layer thickness of 80 µm and a relative density of 99.5%. 3D prints made on a 3D printer can achieve a tensile strength of 350 MPa, a yield strength of 205 MPa and an elongation at break of 3-5%.

“The EOS M 300-4 has already proven itself as a highly efficient metal 3D printing machine for our customers, but we need to meet the growing market demand for demanding materials such as copper and high-productivity processes,” commented Sebastian Becker, manager of EOS Metal Systems . “The EOS M 300-4 1 kW delivers power and productivity with the highest levels of reliability, achieving the industry’s lowest cost per part.”

“Additive manufacturing offers transformative potential, especially for products such as aluminum cylinder heads, which have traditionally been produced by die casting,” added Manja Franke, chief strategy officer at AMEXCI, a leading AM company in the Nordics. “The speed and power of new 3D printers like the EOS M 300-4 1 kW allow us to produce complex components while providing greater design flexibility, weight reduction and readiness to meet future emission standards.”

EOS M 300-4 1 kW is expected to be commercially available in February 2024 and is compatible with AlSi10Mg, copper and copper alloys, and the range of materials for the system will be expanded in line with customer demand.

Source: www.eos.info

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