In September this year, PRUSA Research presented the first version of the newest version of the PrusaSlicer software – one of the most popular (and the best…) software for preparing files for 3D printing on FDM / FFF 3D printers. PrusaSlicer 2.4.0 has introduced a number of very interesting functionalities to the world of amateur 3D printers, such as a tool for simple preparation of multicolored prints (multi-material painting tool), an improved system for generating supports and raft, a tool for generating and printing “wrinkled” surfaces (fuzzy skin), brim settings for each model separately, or a dark mode for working in Windows environment.

After the three alpha versions (2.4.0-alpha1, 2.4.0-alpha2 and 2.4.0-alpha3) were released, the first beta was released late last week. The new version mainly fixes bugs found in previous versions and further develops selected functionalities.

Things worth paying attention to in the beta version are:

  • improvement of supports – a conventional generator of supports generates them based on the differences between successive layers of objects; such an algorithm often either produces excessive supports or does not handle long, thin elements at all; Prusa’s team is working on a smarter algorithm that takes into account the global geometry of the object
  • improved color painting tools for multi-color 3D prints
  • improved seam generation.

Of course, there are many more changes, and you can find a list of them here:

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