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PRUSA Research coraz bliżej rynkowej premiery drukarki 3D Original Prusa XL

The Czech manufacturer of 3D printers PRUSA Research is approaching the market launch of its long-awaited Original Prusa XL 3D printer. In a recent Facebook post, the company revealed that it had sent 30 devices to its third-party beta testers for the final phase. Original Prusa XL was first presented in 2021. It is intended as a professional 3D printer, intended for a different market than the other flagship models – Prusa i3 Mk3 and Mini.

Prusa XL is the first CoreXY printer in the company’s offer, in order to obtain high-quality prints regardless of their size. It has a large working area of 36 cm in the XYZ axes. It includes high-quality components such as solid aluminum profiles as well as guides and bearings, new 32-bit control electronics and a number of innovative features developed by the Prusa Research team.

In addition, it is equipped with a new generation extruder – Nextruder, which makes the operation, maintenance and servicing of the machine easier, while improving the monitoring of the printing nozzle temperature and the overall safety of the production process. The company has developed a kinematic clutch mechanism that does not need electromagnets or other active elements to operate. The system is extremely precise and features fully automatic tool alignment calibration, ensuring that everything is perfectly aligned after every tool change. The system is also based on a strain gauge, which eliminates the need for calibration as it is fully automated. In total, as many as 5 printheads can operate in the 3D printer, extruding five different colors of the same material, or materials with similar temperatures and properties.

The last important functionality is an innovative, segmented work table, which consists of 16 independent tables with expansion joints. In the case of printing smaller details, users will be able to heat only selected segments, saving time and electricity.

At the beginning of this year, PRUSA intends to send the previously ordered 3D printer models to customers. New orders will be processed in the second half of 2023 – this involves a prepayment of PLN 930 (refundable deposit, in case of early cancellation of the purchase). Prusa XL costs:

  • PLN 9790 gross for the version for self-assembly, with one printhead
  • PLN 12,099 gross for the self-assembly version with two printheads
  • PLN 17,290 gross for the self-assembly version with five printheads
  • PLN 2,800 gross surcharge for the version submitted in each of the above-mentioned configurations.

Source: FB

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