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Peopoly Launches Phenom XXL V2 – High Resolution Photopolymer 3D Printer with Vlare Electronics

Peopoly – a manufacturer of 3D printers from Hong Kong, has launched the Phenom XXL V2 MSLA photopolymer 3D printer, which is a new version of the XXL model and at the same time the largest 3D printer from the Phenom series. It is supported by the Vlare Core motherboard and uses a parallel light source to work. According to the company, the 3D printer has 22 times the volume of the Formlabs Form 3.

The working volume of the Phenom XXL V2 is 527 x 296 x 550 mm. This is +500% more than the Phenom model and more than four times more than the Form 3L. The XXL V2 should prove itself in high-volume production and very large parts thanks to the industrial LCD panel in 4K resolution. The 3D printer uses the same Deft and Neo resins as the Phenom, allowing users to store the same consumables.

The Phenom XXL V2 uses the Vlare Core firmware/software, which will allow owners of previous models of Peopoly 3D printers to easily transfer their previously printed 3D models.

According to the manufacturer, the 3D printer is easy to use and cheap to maintain. It uses advanced parallel LED technology that provides higher resolution, greater energy efficiency and lower fan noise. It is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, while the XXL model has a 4.5-inch screen. Programs such as Lychee, Tango Voxeldance and Vlare Slicer are used to prepare models for 3D printing. There is also a Wi-Fi module and an infrared camera for remote monitoring and management of the device, as well as a Vlare Core controller board with Open File Format support and built-in EMMC storage.

Source: www.peopoly.net
Photos: www.peopoly.net (press materials / all rights reserved)

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