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Printables introduces official brand profiles – World of Warships, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit and more

Printables – a leading platform with 3D printing models belonging to PRUSA Research, announced the introduction of a new functionality in the form of official profiles of brands that make their resources available for 3D printing. At the start, Adafruit, Bohemia Interactive, Cooler Master, Framework Computer, Noctua, Raspberry Pi, Warhorse Studios, World of Warships and Prusa Research announced their presence at Printables. Brand profiles are located in a new section on Printables, accessible from the main menu. Soon the number of companies offering their 3D models is to increase…

All 3D models available on Printables.com are available for free. Some of the models represent 3D figurines from games, but others are e.g. spare parts or accessories and modifications of existing products. PRUSA Research also encourages companies to share 3D files as part of supporting the right-to-repair initiative, i.e. the right to repair products by their users.

The first companies that set up their official accounts on Printables have already benefited from this advice. Computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master has posted spare parts and accessories on the platform. The Austrian manufacturer of cooling components for PCs – Noctua has made available 3D printed fan spacers and ducts for its products. In turn, the computer manufacturer Framework, known for easy-to-repair and upgrade notebooks, has inserted a 3D printed motherboard case.

Source: www.prusa3d.com

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