Photocentric – the company that was the first in the world to develop photopolymer 3D printing technology using LCD screens at work, today announced the release of a new version of its largest 3D printer – Liquid Crystal Magna v.2. LC Magna v.2 provides much faster 3D printing speed, efficiency and less waste. The device is perfect for the production of low production batches or large 3D prints reaching over 50 cm in the X axis.

LC Magna v.2 offers increased printing speeds. The production of 36 custom dental trays (measuring 80mm Z-height) with 250μm layers can now be printed in 1 hour 13 minutes compared to 2 hours 22 minutes in the previous version. This is possible thanks to the new Hydrophobic Platform, which has been designed to increase productivity and reduce waste.

To date, Photocentric has sold several thousand Magna series 3D printers worldwide and they are used in many different applications. Based on extensive customer feedback, the new version of Magna has been significantly redesigned to further improve reliability and performance. The device is pre-calibrated to facilitate quick installation at customers.

Source: Photocentric press materials

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