As a result of voting in the plebiscite for trusted and most recognizable brands, Zortrax 3D printers were awarded the silver “Laur Konsumenta 2022” (Consumer’s Laurel 2022). Obtaining one of the most important consumer certificates in the country confirms the strong position of Zortrax on the Polish market. This position is being built by, among others, through cooperation with the industry leader EdTech – Skriware, which provides comprehensive SkriLab 3D printing laboratories, which include Zortrax M200 Plus printers. So far, more than 2,000 schools have used the Skriware and Zortrax solution, financed under the government’s Laboratories of the Future program.

The Consumer’s Laurel emblem is a title awarded on the basis of a nationwide plebiscite of universal popularity of products and services that consumers value the most. Votes are collected on the basis of polls on popular websites, industry portals, as well as information and social networking sites (including,,, as well as on the basis of telephone polls. The respondents may cast only one vote in a given category.

“We are glad that consumers all over the country notice and appreciate the high quality of Zortrax 3D printers, as evidenced by the silver Consumer’s Laurel 2022. Our equipment is professional and easy to use, which was certainly important when indicating the leading brands in the 3D printing category. . Thanks to the above-mentioned features, as well as cooperation with Skriware, we have successfully introduced our solutions to Polish schools. ” – said Mariusz Babula, President of the Management Board of Zortrax S.A.

SkriLab is a complete educational solution based on 3D printing, robotics and programming, intended as a support for teaching as many as 9 lesson subjects – biology, chemistry, physics, geography, technology, mathematics, early childhood education, nature and computer science, in full compliance with the school curriculum basic. An inseparable element of the SkriLab educational laboratory is the 3D Skrinter, i.e. the Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printer fully adapted to the needs and possibilities of the educational laboratory. The laboratory meets all the requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Science, and its purchase is financed by the Future Laboratories. Soon, apart from primary and art schools, the program will also cover secondary schools.

“3D printing is widely used in education and can accompany us at every level. Together with our strategic partner, Skriware, we believe and prove that education should follow the times, and that modern technologies can be successfully used in the educational process. Many students of these schools, who have already been equipped with Zortrax 3D printers, have created innovative projects with its use. We are convinced that among the more than 2,000 facilities that have purchased laboratories under the government-funded Laboratories of the Future program, we will find more. ” – summarizes Natalia Jusiak, Head of Marketing at Zortrax S.A.

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