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Nexa3D implements the possibility of 3D printing in metal

Nexa3D – a manufacturer of ultra-fast 3D polymer printers, is entering the metal 3D printing segment, integrating the unique technology of Headmade Materials with QLS SLS devices. Nexa3D will use the ColdMetalFusion method, increasing its material and application capabilities in the field of SLS technology. Building on the previous acquisition of SLS technology from XYZPrinting, Nexa3D and Headmade will provide customers with a suite of services, tools and materials.

ColdMetalFusion technology is very similar to metal injection molding, but provides the additional design freedom and efficiency associated with 3D printing. It uses a patented raw material in the form of metal powder developed by Headmade, which has a thin polymer coating on each metal particle to bond them together during the sintering process. The particles are sintered at low temperature on Nexa3D’s QLS 3D printers, and once the 3D printing process is complete, they go through debinding and sintering processes to bake off the polymer and melt the parts into full metal components.

Currently, users of Nexa3D QLS 3D printers will be able to work with four types of materials:

  • titanium (Ti6AL4v) – known for its high strength and lightness, it also offers good corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, making it an excellent solution for aerospace and medical applications
  • 316L stainless steel – one of the most popular metal alloys in the world, it is usually used for the production of mechanical components with high requirements for corrosion resistance; suitable for temperatures up to 842°F (450°C) and can be easily welded
  • 17-4PH stainless steel – a metal alloy with excellent mechanical properties and high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, typically used for industrial applications
  • M2 tool steel – hardenable high-speed steel with well-balanced strength, wear resistance and high hardness; the material is mainly used to create abrasive tools, cold work punches, dies and other cutting applications.

The ColdMetalFusion method is compatible with three models of QLS Nexa3D 3D printers: QLS 230 with a working area of 230 x 230 x 230 mm, equipped with a CO2 laser with a power of 30 watts of CO2, QLS 236 with a working area of 230 x 230 x 250 mm, equipped with a CO2 laser with a power of 60 watts and QLS 820 with a working area of 350 x 350 x 400 mm, equipped with four CO2 lasers with a power of 100 watts.

The exclusive distributor of Nexa3D in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can improve your business: [email protected].

Source: www.nexa3d.com

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