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Automated post-processing in SLS/MJF technology for advanced parts personalization

The German company DyeMansion offers a wide range of post-processing technologies that are crucial for personalizing 3D printed parts. These processes include surface smoothing, advanced dyeing techniques, and UV curing, which not only improve the aesthetics of prints, but also their strength and durability. Technology Applied – the largest Polish 3D printing service company, specializing in SLS/MJF technologies and using DyeMansion systems, is able to provide its customers with non-standard and highly personalized products.

One of the most significant aspects of customization offered by DyeMansion is advanced dyeing. This technology allows for precise and uniform application of dye on the surface of the printed part, enabling a wide range of colors and shades to be obtained. This approach gives Technology Applied the opportunity to adapt products to individual customer preferences, offering unique and aesthetically refined finishes.

DyeMansion’s smoothing and UV curing processes also improve the physical properties of prints. Surface smoothing removes micro-porosity and improves the texture of 3D prints, while UV curing increases resistance to scratches and damage. These processes are extremely important in applications where aesthetics go hand in hand with functional requirements.

Technology Applied’s implementation of automated post-processing technology significantly expands the company’s personalization capabilities. This allows us to handle more complex and demanding projects, while increasing customer satisfaction and distinguishing the company’s offer from the competition.

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