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Modix presents the prototype of the new Modix CORE-60 large format 3D printer

Modix – an Israeli manufacturer of large-format FDM / FFF 3D printers, has announced the introduction of a prototype of its new 3D printer – Modix CORE-60. The premiere of the device will take place at RAPID + TCT 2023 in Chicago, USA. The 3D printer is to be the first model in a new product line aimed at meeting the needs of customers with a limited budget, such as small and medium-sized companies and young startups.

According to information provided by the company, the Modix CORE-60 offers a print volume of 600 x 600 x 600 mm and will be available for $3,500. The currently available model of this size, the Modix BIG-60, retails for $4,900 and is designed for industrial applications. The new Modix 3D printer uses Core XY kinematics, which means one less motor and a lighter bottom bracket compared to Cartesian designs. Other features of the new model include: CAN bus, digital communication with the print head controller eliminating expensive and heavy wires, input shaper module, improving the quality of 3D printing by minimizing vibrations thanks to the use of an accelerometer, lightweight and efficient extruder, additionally reducing vibrations and improving the quality of printouts 3D, smaller external dimensions of the 3D printer to reduce transport costs, and V-wheels made of polycarbonate as a standard motion system, with the option to upgrade to HiWin rails.

Modix also announced new additions to its “BIG” line of printers: a closed motion system to prevent layer shifting and enable higher print speeds, an input shaper, an accelerometer on the printhead to reduce vibration and improve 3D printing quality, a Griffin XL printhead to enable faster printing 3D by depositing more than 0.5 kg of material per hour, remote control including a workstation and a set of cameras for monitoring and control, “spaghetti detector” software, preventing damage to the print head and reducing filament waste, and a filament dryer that can dry two rolls 5 kg each, or one roll of 8 kg.

The company expects the new 3D printer to be commercially available in the third quarter of 2023. The Modix CORE-60 and the announced additions to the “BIG” line of printers aim to offer customers more tailored 3D printing solutions, both in terms of budget and technical requirements.

Source: www.modix3d.com via www.tctmagazine.com

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