Jabil introduces the first ever powdered PLA for SLS technology

Jabil has introduced PLA 3110P, a novel powder based on a renewable raw material (polylactide) that offers an alternative to powders based on petrochemical materials such as nylon-12 (PA 12). Developed in cooperation with NatureWorks – one of the largest producers of polylactidic acid biopolymers, PLA 3110P was made of the popular PLA Ingeo NatureWorks, on which most filaments produced in Europe are based. It is the first ever PLA powder optimized for SLS technology (selective laser sintering of polymers).

Jabil and NatureWorks collaborated to develop, test and validate Jabil PLA 3110P powder, combining NatureWorks’ expertise in PLA technology with Jabil’s expertise in developing polymer formulations, innovative compounds and material systems integration. As a result, the new engineering material can contribute to sustainable development initiatives while providing a low-carbon alternative to polyamide-based materials.

In the last two years, Jabil has introduced a number of new 3D printing materials, such as PA 0600, which provides high strength and stiffness as an alternative to POM, without the risk of exposure to formaldehyde emissions if the material is overheated. In 2022, Jabil also introduced PK 5000, which features high impact strength, high abrasion resistance and better elongation compared to other nylon materials. The polyketone resin used in the production of PK 5000 is an eco-friendly, low-emission material, made of carbon monoxide, which can further reduce the carbon footprint.

In addition to advances in materials, Jabil continues to expand its global 3D printing platforms and solutions, complementing the company’s world-class manufacturing capabilities. Jabil has installed hundreds of 3D printers – from desktop models to highly advanced industrial systems – to meet a wide range of prototyping, tooling development and volume production requirements.

To accelerate the availability of its specialist engineering materials, Jabil has formalized a sampling program that allows customers to obtain test prints for various production requirements. Jabil PLA 3110P powder samples made from Ingeo and Jabil PK 5000 samples are available. Parts made from Jabil PLA 3110P, Jabil PK 5000 and Jabil PA 0600 will be on display at RAPID’23, which will be held May 2-4 in Chicago, Chicago USA.

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