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Modix presents “Core-Meter” – an economical 3D printer with a capacity of 1 cubic meter

Modix – a manufacturer of large-format FDM / FFF 3D printers, will present its latest machine – Modix Core-Meter – at the upcoming Formnext 2023 fair in Frankfurt am Main. Following the Core-60 design concept that debuted at Rapid in the U.S. in May this year, the Core-Meter is the second installment in the company’s new line of large-scale 3D printers, designed to bring cost-effective 3D printing of large parts to a diverse customer base, including small companies and start-ups.

With an attractive starting price of $6,900, the Core-Meter provides an affordable alternative, especially to the existing device – the Modix BIG-Meter, which costs $13,500. Offering a significant 3D print volume of 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm, Core-Meter is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2024. The 3D printer supports only one print head, while the BIG-Meter also supports work with a double IDEX print head, designed for advanced 3D printing of many materials.

The new Modix 3D printer represents a key strategic step for the company, positioning it as a comprehensive solutions provider for the large-format 3D printing market. Additionally, a number of additional add-ons will be made available for Core-Meter, including housings, air filtration systems, filament dryers and others.

Key features of the Core-Meter 3D printer:

  • XY core kinematics ensuring higher 3D printing speed
  • accelerometer on the print head minimizing vibrations and improving work quality
  • Duet electronic controller
  • light but strong Phaetus Rapido hotend and APUS extruder.

Shachar Gafni – CEO of Modix, commented: “Modix is taking a significant step forward by diversifying its product portfolio. We will soon offer a total of seven different 3D printer models to meet a wider range of customer requirements.”

Source: Modix press materials

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