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Autentica CarParts – a distribution platform for digital car parts secured with NFT tokens

British startup Autentica CarParts has developed a platform that allows car manufacturers to sell spare parts designs to authorized dealers, distributors and repair centers. This is the first solution of its kind that enables local, on-demand 3D printing of parts that are protected and certified with NFT tokens, supported by blockchain technology.

The platform will help project owners and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) sell NFT-protected replacement parts to certify that the buyer is purchasing a genuine part, manufactured locally using an on-demand 3D printing service. NFTs further help prevent intellectual property infringements and address liability issues by allowing OEMs to control 3D printing service providers by streaming G-CODE tokens instead of the 3D models themselves.

Using funding provided by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, Autentica CarParts has been successfully tested with 500 customers including OEMs and car dealers, as well as an international network of 600 3D printing service providers. The platform, which was developed in partnership with the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) and cloud technology company Oracle, enables immediate access to spare parts compared to the industry standard of 28 days. Additionally, it reduces non-production costs, such as warehousing, and reduces the carbon footprint of parts transport by approximately 40%.

Car parts available on the Autentica CarParts platform will be showcased at a special full-day event at Sci-Tech Daresbury on November 1, 2023, featuring talks, presentations, roundtable discussions and live demonstrations of the platform.

Ultimately, Autentica’s business model extends to the aerospace, defense and pharmaceutical industries, providing access to and licensing rights to digital data. This approach enables companies to increase cost efficiency and improve maintenance through additive manufacturing.

Source: www.autentica-carparts.com

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