SLM Solutions – a German manufacturer of industrial metal 3D printing systems, received an order from MAN Energy Solutions – a leading supplier of technological solutions for the energy sector and a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, for the NXG XII 600 machine. This highly efficient, 12-laser selective laser melting system is perfectly suited to develop advanced applications in the energy sector, being able to produce rugged and highly stressed parts that require stringent mechanical properties.

MAN SE has been using SLM Solutions since 2019, with the SLM 280 PS model in operation. Now, to meet the growing demand for large-size metal parts, MAN ES needed a machine with a much larger work area. The NXG Xll 600 model has a production area of ​​600 × 600 mm² and is the ideal solution for meeting the requirements of MAN ES. The company intends to use the machine for mass production of components in the maritime, energy and industrial sectors.

The NXG XII 600 3D printer can produce large, complex, and at the same time relatively light parts that cannot be produced in a traditional way. By using less material, the carbon footprint of the components produced is reduced. Moreover, the system allows for optimized spare parts management, shorter delivery times and lower CAPEX. The savings in material costs and its positive environmental impact make it an extremely attractive solution.

According to consulting company AMPOWER, the total value of 3D printing systems sales in the energy sector is expected to almost triple by 2025 from last year, exceeding EUR 150 million in value. The number of installed 3D printers is expected to increase by over 50% and amount to almost 1,700 systems worldwide. The NXG XII 600 will be used on-site at MAN Energy Solutions’ additive manufacturing center in Oberhausen, Germany.

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