Fluicell – a Swedish company that produces 3D bio-printers, announced the premiere of a new device – Biopixlar AER, which will go on sale in less than a month – March 3, 2022. Established as a spin-off of the Swedish University of Technology Chalmers, Fluicell made its debut in 2019 with the launch of the 3D bio-printer Biopixlar. The new device uses the same high-definition single-cell, bio-printing technology as its predecessor, but is more automated and has a more compact design.

The Biopixlar AER is a portable, 3D microfluidic bio-printing system designed to fit into standard cell culture flow shields. This will enable scientists to more easily use single-cell biodegradation technology in combination with other in vitro cell culture technologies. Fluicell says its new device is the first 3D bio-printing system designed in this way.

The Fluicell system was the first to use single-cell biodprinting that is positioned in three dimensions without the use of a bio ink. The advantage of this technology is that the cells are kept in their native environment and that they biodprint structures with single cell resolution. Biopixlar AER is based on the same technology. The new 3D bio-printer introduces various process automation functions to streamline research workflows and offers remote control.

Source: www.fluicell.com
Photo: www.fluicell.com (press release / all rights reserved)

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