The Swedish company Lostboyslab has ordered 80 PRUSA Research 3D printers – including the Original Prusa i3 MK3S + models and the Prusa XL announced last year, which will be on the market in the third quarter of 2022. The new devices will join the current fleet of 140 devices, which will be with Lostboyslab one of the largest 3D printing farms based on the FDM / FFF technology in Europe.

The Lostboyslab design studio provides comprehensive 3D printing services – from design through 3D printing to post-processing. The company’s functional approach is geared towards manufacturing in the fastest and most efficient way, combining parametric design, artificial intelligence, generative design and simulation to make all digital designs completely optimized for additive manufacturing.

“PRUSA Research 3D printers are the most reliable machines with an open material system and are perfect for additive manufacturing using recycled and bioplastic-based materials that we develop together with our partners,” said Stefan Larsson, Founder and CEO of Lostboyslab.

Lostboyslab sees a growing demand for its 3D printing services, especially for recycled and naturally sourced materials, and is now adding more manufacturing capabilities to its 3D printer fleet. The new investment will almost double the company’s current production capacity.

With over 200 printers in one location, the Lostboyslab Alpha Zero 3D printing farm is today one of the largest additive manufacturing plants in Europe. This is what Josef Prusa – founder and owner of PRUSA Research – commented on: “our printers are gaining popularity in industrial applications and we are glad that their quality and reliability will easily be successful in the competition of incomparably more expensive devices”.


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