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Ivaldi implements ChatGPT to place orders for 3D printing services

The American service company Ivaldi presented a tool using ChatGPT to order spare parts for maintenance departments in manufacturing companies. The digital assistant based on artificial intelligence is to enable faster access to key spare parts by indexing data and creating documentation. Customers can communicate via ChatGPT for information on how to produce the parts they need, without the need to receive physical instructions or search online for documents themselves.

The platform also allows you to order spare parts directly through the AI interface. If a part is not already in the Ivaldi virtual library, users can upload 2D drawings or simple sketches of them, which the system converts into custom models within pre-designed categories. Once approved, Ivaldi creates models for 3D printing and coordinates production and delivery through its partner network of 15,000 local manufacturers.

As an example of the use of the new functionality, the transition from a photo of a sketch drawn with a finger on a dirty car window to the created 3D model was given. After generating the initial model and accepting it by the user, it is cleaned of artifacts, dimensioned and prepared for 3D printing from the appropriate material.

Ivaldi Group’s approach seems unique so far. It also shows how various manufacturing service companies can try to build their own AI interfaces to streamline their workflows.

Source: www.ivaldi.com

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