The Danish Technological Institute is working on improving the 3D printing parameters for SLM Solutions 3D metal printers

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is set to develop new and fast process parameters for SLM Solutions metal 3D printers, after the two organizations expanded their research and development cooperation. DTI is a leading research and technology institute, offering components printed on 3D printers from a wide range of metal and polymer materials. Using the recently acquired SLM 280 2.0 machine, DTI will work to develop new process parameters for 316L stainless steel and copper alloy CuCr1Zr, with the possibility of extending the partnership to machines such as the NXG XII 600.

According to the partners, the development of the material will open up new possibilities for the use of advanced components where electrical and thermal conductivity is crucial (as in CuCr1Zr alloy) or where strength is required (as in 316L stainless steel).

The new parameters that DTI is working on will allow 3D printing of the CuCr1Zr alloy in various layer thicknesses, while maintaining high electrical conductivity up to 300 MPa and tensile strength at up to 92% IACS after heat treatment. Meanwhile, for 316L stainless steel, DTI is working to develop faster process parameters that will enable 3D printing of components at a lower cost while maintaining good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance.

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