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HP introduces new solutions to automate the 3D printing process in MultiJet Fusion technology

HP has announced the introduction of new solutions for automating the 3D printing process in MultiJet Fusion technology and expanding the offer of materials, software and services. The first of two new automation solutions is the HP Jet Fusion 3D Powder Handling Automation Solution, a pneumatically connected closed-loop material processing system designed to minimize manual labor and provide cleaner, more efficient material flow as well as enabling quality control and traceability of operations. The second solution, HP Jet Fusion 3D Automation Accessory, was designed for customers with high production requirements. HP informs that it enables the automatic exchange of working chambers for two consecutive jobs without the need for manual assistance.

In addition, in addition to minimizing downtime between 3D printing jobs and reducing the need for manual work at night or weekends, the accessory is ready for further integration with factory configurations using autonomous mobile robots (AMR). HP says that in order to push the boundaries of workflow automation in the production environment, the company is working closely with Siemens on a demonstration concept. The concept includes two new HP automation products integrated with Siemens automation, industrial hardware and software such as Siemens SIMOVE for AMR in flexible manufacturing systems.

To help customers optimize the development of polymer and metal parts and scale production, HP offers a portfolio of software products as part of the HP Digital Production Suite and works with other software vendors to integrate factory IT solutions and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

The Digital Production Suite now offers enhanced software products that HP says are designed to help customers develop metal applications faster and easier. HP 3D Digital Sintering and HP 3D Process Development software supports the commercial Metal Jet S100 solution.

New software solutions include HP 3D Digital Sintering, an AI-based solution that simulates the sintering process and provides feedback on the result of sintering parts. The second new product is HP 3D Process Development, which democratizes process development by giving customers access to Metal Jet science by providing open process parameters and build reports.

Source: www.hp.com
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