PostProcess introduces a new cleaner to remove resin residues from 3D prints, an eco-friendly replacement for IPA

PostProcess Technologies, a leading provider of automated and intelligent solutions for the finishing of photopolymer 3D printed parts, has announced the launch of AUX-400-RINSE, a new flushing agent developed as an improved alternative to isopropyl alcohol (IPA). The AUX-400-RINSE has been developed as part of a comprehensive, automated solution that includes software, hardware and chemicals provided by PostProcess.

The new flushing agent has been formulated for resin-based applications where IPA is used as the final cleaning step for printed parts in conjunction with a drying step. With the addition of the AUX-400-RINSE, PostProcess customers can now implement a resin-based 3D finishing process that does not require the use of isopropyl alcohol.

This solution offers a number of advantages over traditional IPA, including a higher flash point temperature, which is about twice as high as IPA, making it less dangerous and reducing the risk of accidents during use. In addition, the use of AUX-400-RINSE instead of IPA for rinsing parts can reduce the health risks to workers from inhaling alcohol vapor, which is an irritant in the work environment. The lower rate of evaporation of this agent compared to IPA also makes it a more cost-effective solution, as it maintains its properties for a longer time.

Formulated with 90% green chemicals, the AUX-400-RINSE rinse aid has an environmental benefit compared to isopropyl alcohol.


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