Taulman3D is one of the leading American manufacturers of filaments for low-budget FDM 3D printers. In their offer you can find plenty of special material, dedicated to the most popular applications of 3D print, especially these, which require high resistance. The new material is recommended for a different area.

Guidel!ne (guideline), is a filament, which can meet expectations of customers from medical and clinical industry. It was attested by FDA and meet the ISO 10993 standards for working out of biocompatible, 3D printed medical tools and implants.

Guidel!ne is a material basing on PETG, which is highly resistant for temperatures, that’s why it is possible to create small, precise elements, which don’t wrap, like in case of a lot of popular filaments. That is perfect to 3D print tiny, watertight tubes.


Besides 0,5-kg spools of material of diameter of 1,75 mm or 2,85 mm, tit is also sold on form of granulation to produce your own filament. It is a good starting point, when you want to apply for acceptance of the FDA. When you print out a medical tool, it doesn’t obviously mean, that you can use it during operation. To make it possible, you need to gain plenty of certificates for medical/surgical tools, given by a proper issue.

Each spool has a Identification number, comes vacuum sealed and ships in its own box. End users will be able to “register” their spool/s with taulman3D.guidel!ne is labeled with a QR code that provides a “trace-ability and batch key”.

Technical specification:

  • tensile strength – 6,850PSI,
  • elongation – 5,9 by module 281,469PSI,
  • temperature of bend – 70ºC,
  • softening temperature – 100ºC,
  • temperature of printing – 250ºC.


Because of the high temperature of printing, it is also perfect to use as a support material for nylon (in medical use). Thanks to its adhesive stamps, it it a perfect support, but it also easy to remove.

The filament will be available soon at the Taulman3D online store.

Source: www.taulman3D.com, www.3ders.org


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