Flashforge announced the launch of the latest Guider series 3D printer – Guider 3 Plus. It is the largest 3D printer of a Chinese manufacturer in the desktop class, with a working area of ​​35 x 35 x 60 cm. It uses only one printhead at work, but it boasts a high speed of work – Flashforge claims that the Guider 3 Plus is capable of printing 250 mm / sec. In addition, the manufacturer ensures that the device is quiet during operation and ensures stability and smoothness of the printing system.

Guider 3 Plus was designed mainly for the production of medium and large-format applications, both in the field of functional prototyping and the production of ready-made parts on demand. The print head is able to heat up to a temperature of 320°C, which in theory allows you to work with high-performance plastics such as PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene), PA (polyamide / nylon), or composites based on glass or carbon fiber. In fact, the working chamber of the 3D printer is not independently heated, so you should probably not count on additive production of parts in the full working area of ​​the device. Nevertheless, 3D prints from PLA, PETG or even ASA can be satisfactory.

A large working area means a long production time of large and tall parts, which is why Flashforge focused on maximum acceleration – the aforementioned 250 mm / sec. and adapting the structural components of the device to long, continuous operation. The print layout was based on CoreXY kinematics. The working table has a lifting capacity of up to 30 kg, a (quite standard…) system of automatic recording of the print head position and the possibility of restarting the interrupted 3D print in the event of a power failure have also been installed. Guider 3 Plus also has an automatic shutdown feature when finished.

The working chamber is not independently heated, but it has been equipped with the HEPA 13 air filtration system, which ensures comfortable work in offices. Inside the working chamber of the 3D printer there is a removable, flexible cover for the worktable made of steel, thanks to which the removal of parts is simple and does not require the use of a spatula. A color, 7-inch touch screen was used for operation.

The device uses FlashPrint 5 software, which allows users to remotely manage the 3D printer from anywhere with Internet access.

Source: www.flashforge.com
Photo: www.flashforge.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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