Australian company AML3D, specializing in the provision of comprehensive metal 3D printing services, has announced that it has received a $ 190,000 order from the Asian division of ExxonMobil for the production of a high-pressure tubular vessel. AML3D claims to be “the world’s largest” commercial metal-printed pressure vessel. Five of the eight Arcemy machines developed by AML3D for arc welding using additive manufacturing are to be used for the production of the eight-meter and eight-tonne tank. Total production time is expected to be 12 weeks.

AML3D has been selected by ExxonMobil to fulfill this unique order due to the specificity of the WAM metal 3D printing technology developed by the Australian company. Process balance versus traditional manufacturing techniques and the company’s ability to 3D print commercial, certified parts for large-scale end-use, were key factors in winning this contract.

Additive manufacturing of a tank with WAM technology has a significantly shorter lead time compared to the 12-month lead time for traditional production methods. This helps address the supply chain constraints experienced by ExxonMobil and meet the tank delivery date in September 2022.

High-strength metal wire with a yield point of> 450 MPa will be used in the production of the tank. Upon completion of production, tests will be carried out including hydrostatic pressure measurements, X-ray tests and a third party visual inspection.

Production and testing will be verified against the ASME VIII standard and will be subject to accreditation and certification processes. They will also comply with the new API 20S global standard for additively manufactured metal components for oil and gas applications.

The pressure vessel for ExxonMobil will undergo non-destructive endurance and hydrostatic pressure testing to demonstrate compliance with global standards including the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American Welding Society (AWS).

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