The German EOS has engaged in an innovative project to develop a home air conditioning system that will be up to ten times more efficient than the current standard solutions available on the market. Working with the UAE-based aviation company, Strata Manufacturing, and Hyperganic – mechanical software developer, EOS aims to create a system that, due to its properties and energy efficiency, will be very much in demand on global markets.

Hyperganic, EOS and Strata claim that by 2050 the demand for electricity generated by air conditioners will triple, while air conditioners already account for 10% of global energy consumption. The goal of an initiative by the three companies is to achieve a change in the design of air conditioners to avoid environmental repercussions.

To initiate the required change, the companies signed a cooperation agreement under which they undertook to develop a new, more environmentally friendly air conditioning unit. In practice, the project aims to use Hyperganic’s algorithmic engineering approach in conjunction with EOS metal 3D printing technology to develop a novel, energy-efficient alternative to air cooling. Hyperganic also announced plans to open a new engineering office in early July 2022 where the engineering team – expected to be 20 – will work with Strata and EOS to help bring the system to life.

While the companies have not specified how their air conditioning unit will deliver the proposed performance gains or what role 3D printing will play in achieving them, they plan to present an update at the COP28 conference to be held in Dubai in 2023. According to EOS founder Dr. Hans Langer, the project will require “deep integration of engineering and production”, but could “significantly improve state-of-the-art technology”.

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