Chinese manufacturer of industrial 3D printers Farsoon Technologies has announced the launch of a new metal additive manufacturing system – FS200Mx2. The 3D printer belongs to the segment of the medium-sized working chamber and is equipped with a double laser system with a power of 500 W each. The maximum 3D printing area is 425 x 230 x 300 mm. It is dedicated to medium and large-scale serial production of metal parts, as well as the production of larger-sized prototypes.

With dual laser scanning technology and advanced calibration algorithms, Farsoon claims the FS200Mx2 offers one of the highest compilation speed factors in its class. The dual laser setup helps increase productivity, while advanced calibration algorithms precisely control both lasers for intelligent laser time distribution.

The machine is able to integrate multiple scanning strategies with different layer thicknesses in one design, according to the needs of the application. Users can also customize the process parameters of the machine thanks to the open architecture of FS200Mx2.

Other features of the FS200Mx2 include an integrated two-stage filter module, a filtration system that can run for up to 1,500 hours depending on the material used, and an advanced gas flow system. Intra-chamber cameras facilitate monitoring of the 3D printing process, including monitoring of the powder dispensing device for real-time analysis of each layer. The machine is also equipped with a high-capacity top-feed system that includes a powder refill module and a sensor to alert the operator to low material levels.


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