Farsoon, a Chinese manufacturer of metal 3D printers, has announced the launch of a new machine – FS273M. Based on the FS271M 3D printer introduced in 2015, it has a number of updates to streamline work and ensure better productivity and cost-effectiveness.

The FS271M is available with single and dual sinter laser options to improve 3D printing speed by up to two times compared to a single laser setup. The working area is 275 × 275 × 355 mm, thanks to which the 3D printer is perfect for the production of larger quantities of parts. The machine has an open material system allowing users to use a wide variety of metallic powders.

Farsoon Technologies was founded in 2009 by Dr. Xu Xiaoshu – an expert in laser sintering 3D printing technology, becoming one of the pioneers in this area in China. The company’s first significant success was an agreement with the Chinese government to create and manage the first national 3D printing laboratory. Farsoon also cooperated with the French Prodways in the production of printing machines in the SLS technology and with BASF in the creation of a new material for 3D printing used in SLS – PA6.

Source: www.farsoon.com

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